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Getting ready for Москва (Moscow)

In spring 2009, the idea started to shape to visit Alena in Moscow in Summer. We haven”t seen each other since the US, which was in 2002/ 2003 even though she studied at American University of Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad and I had visited Bulgaria in 2006.

Alena and Thiemo on the Red Square in front of the Basilius Cathedral
Alena and Thiemo on the Red square in front of the Basilius Cathedrale

Now however, was the time to be. It was fairly easy to find a date on when her vacation from work would match my vacation from studying in London. The only complicated thing is to get a visa for stay as a tourist. Before one can even apply for a visa, one needs to have an official invitation by some inviting institution. These invitations can be issued by individuals in Russia, however, this is rather complicated. So there is now a little industry of institutions issuing invitations for some renumeration. Continue reading Getting ready for Москва (Moscow)