Graduation and Goodbyes

[singlepic id=689 w=320 h=240 float=left] Right after the trip along the Donau from Ulm to Vienna with Franziska, I stayed home just for a couple days, just to leave Ulm again with London as Destination. While we were on our trip to Vienna, we got the results for our LSE M.Sc. Economics Examinations. I am happy it worked out to be a Distinction for me – the PhD may come next.

The LSE graduation ceremony was quite fun – it was good to see many of the people again, knowing that some of them, we may never see again. That I guess is also LSE – the most international Universities (there are students registered at LSE from more nations than are members of the United Nations).

The ceremony itself was a bit tireing, as we were in our neat robes which were somwhat suffocating. We had to sit through about 1 1/2 hours of name-reading and hand-shaking until our own five seconds of fame – when your name and possible honors under which you graduated were announced by the Head of Department of Economics, Prof. Danny Quah, and you got your handshake with the head of the school, Howard Davies.

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After that, there was a little reception which was somewhat dissappointing as the venue was the 4th floor restaurant, with its own particular ambience.  After that, Franziska, her parents and me and my mom went to the Oxo Tower Restaurant, where we enjoyed a nice dinner. But have a look at the pictures yourself!