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Name: Thiemo Fetzer
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About me: I am from Ulm, Germany - but currently I am studying towards a PhD at London School of Economics.

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  1. UK 2017 General Election Results Data

    Dear Robin,

    Yes unfortunately I found that the Electoral Commission is not very helpful in many respects as they do not collect any data beyond what they are legally required to do (such as collating data at a finer spatial resolution).

    The website is also a bit of a maze – usually data gets posted here (see the table as you scroll down)

    Just getting back to the issue about Aberavon, it seems to be a data entry error on the the side of the Economist (you can just check out their infographic search for Aberavon and it will show you a 34% share for SNP.

    It is a bit unfortunate that this is the first row in the spreadsheet, but the other information seems correct (labor tally, conservative count etc.), when comparing to other sources

    So I think the spreadsheet is quite “correct”, but this type of human error can happen.

    Best Thiemo

  2. UK 2017 General Election Results Data

    Dear Robin,

    this is very well spotted – it looks like it is a data entry error in the Infographic of the Economist – see here

    which is the underlying source JSON and it has a figure for SNP.

    I guess it is good to wait for the official election commission CSV files, which should be posted in the next couple of days.

    Best Thiemo

  3. Did the weather affect the #Brexit vote?

    Yes that is a great suggestion and I have been looking into this. Unfortunately, the geographic resolution for any other election data (e.g. national elections) do not map into these boundaries, but I am sure one could work something out.

  4. Leveraging R for Econ Job Market

    Back in the day it didnt :-P

  5. Fracking and House Prices on the Marcellus Shale

    Dear Jamie,

    unfortunately I dont really have the stuff around handy right now. Somebody seems to have broken the sharelatex document I think.

    If I get back to it at some point, I will let you know.

    Best Thiemo

  6. rgeos: TopologyException - found non-noded intersection between..

    Thanks I will have to have a closer look at that!

  7. Is rainfall reporting endogenous to conflict?

    This is a good point, especially since the raster cells with the GPCC data are relatively large .5 by .5 degree. To be honest, I actually dont know. The raw data codes missing data with a rainfall value of -99999; so I simply drop these raster cells from my analysis. I have not checked whether there are occur that a cell is coded as -99999 in one year, but has a non-negative rainfall value in another year. I presume however, that at the GPCC they use some high level shapefile for land cover and simply crop the interpolation output for points that fall outside what is considered land.

    I would be curious to know actually what they do.

  8. Fracking and House Prices on the Marcellus Shale

    The data is from, there is a way you can zoom in to an area and browse the recently sold houses. The houses are displayed on the map, see on e.g. on,-76.069336,41.532226,-76.974335_rect/9_zm/.

    You can then write a script to grab the information about the houses displayed on the map and this information contains the geo-coordinates as well.

  9. Stacking Regressions: Latex Tables with R and stargazer

    Thanks! This is really interesting and I ll have a look.

  10. Microfinance in India: Getting a sense of the geographic distribution

    Dear Scott, yes that type of data would be amazing and I quite enjoy what you did with mapbox.

    I gave it another go,

  11. London Riots : Catch the Looters!


  12. Bewerbung für den M.Sc. Economics an der LSE

    Moin…ist wahrscheinlich schon zu spät, aber ja — nur der Mathe Teil ist wirklich wichtig, wenn es bei dir um eine Bewerbung für einen PhD oder anderen post-graduate Kurs in Economics geht. In der Regel fordern die Universitäten ja ohnehin noch einen weiteren Sprachnachweis.

    Viel Erfolg.

  13. Camden Market

    hey,… i m not quite sure which pictures you want to use? i basically just modified a wordpress theme using some own graphics.

  14. PhD Bewerbungen und Outcomes

    Hallo Lena.
    Ich habe nun doch die Offer von der LSE angenommen, halte es mir aber vor nächstes Jahr nach Zürich zu wechseln, da London doch sehr anstrengend sein kann. Bin gespannt auf das zweite Jahr in London.

    Ernst Fehr ist quasi die Korifee in dem Gebiet, aber in Deutschland machen einfach sehr viele Behavioral oder Experimental – da wird es schwer mit dem Stellen finden. Ich möchte Behavioral Economics mit Development Economics verbinden um mir Quasi so Microfoundations für Development failures, also z.B. Marktversagen, anzuschauen. Aber ich weiß noch nicht ob ich damit auf einen grünen Zweig komme.

  15. Day trip from Moscow to Sergiev Posad

    hehe yes thats true :P